I know Summer doesn't technically start in the Northern Hemisphere until the Summer solstice on June 20th, but with this brand new vaccine coursing through my veins and Memorial Day on the horizon, it definitely feels like bronzing season is upon us. I like to head out around this time and kick things off with a nice base-burn - an investment in a future bronze which I hope will pay off big time in the short term and will very likely harm me in the long term. You know what they say: "Burn today, tan tomorrow, abnormal-cell-growth-with-the-potential-to-invade-or-spread-to-other-parts-of-the-body the day after that!" 😎🤙


So slather on some SPF, do that thing the old guys do where they put a bunch of zinc on their nose and just leave it there all day, and bask in the warm glow of News, Recent Work, Trends/References and that classic Q&A.





This month Score a Score officially turned 11 years old and boy have we grown! When I turned 11, I received a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for my Nintendo 64 so we're really hoping this birthday can live up to that. So far so good! 


Your music, collaboration and friendship is what keeps this thing moving and we couldn't be more appreciative to be celebrating another year with all of you. Here's to many more! 



Recent Work


The trailer for The Mysterious Benedict Society, a quirky mystery adventure series on Disney+ features a playful and elegant cue by Joni Fuller off of her debut album A Beautiful Chaos.



This spot from Apple outlining their new App tracking transparency setting features a carefree and charming score from Dan Rosen. 






O'Flynn - Sunspear - This upbeat, joyful track from London producer, O'Flynn, feels like a summer block party with celebratory brass melodies and syncopated hand percussion. The steady pulse provides a solid foundation to naturally bring in and take out exciting flourishes to keep the track interesting without interrupting the danceable beat. 



Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#40 Party Horns"


LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean - Beginning with a minimal synth-driven pulse, this track features a raw and energetic build without ever going over the top. The array of textured synths makes it a great fit for modern, techy companies, and accompanying drums and vocal accents are the perfect touches to bring in a human element. In a lot of ways it's the best of both worlds. 


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#40 Clean Yrself"


Etsy - Custom Portrait - This charming spot features a wandering solo piano that perfectly matches its sentimental mood. It strikes the perfect balance of being emotional without skewing sad, and uses just some light rhythm section accompaniment at the end to lead us to a heartwarming resolution. 



Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#40 Dog Art"


Gene Takes a Drink - Bang on a Can All-Stars - This orchestral track is minimal and sophisticated, constantly evolving with an ensemble of overlapping parts. It maintains a constant descending theme that each new addition plays on, which is always helpful for serious, elegant, and empowering spots that need a steady build.


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#40 Gene"




Q & A

"How should I print and submit my stems?"


This is a relatively broad question so let me try to address the most common ask. 


Tracks vs. Groups: Generally speaking, when we ask for stems we're looking for instrument groups exported together. Most editors don't need or want independent control of a particular drum, or an individual violin, but they may want to cut to just drums, or turn down all of the violins. Try to anticipate the ways someone might want to manipulate the track and break things down into simple, intuitive groups.


Format: High-res AIFF or WAV files work best, each labeled with the track title and instrument group name. To submit, collect those files in a folder and zip them up into a single Zip file named "[Composer name] - [Track title] - Stems" and submit to scoreascore.com/stems.


Mastering: When submitting your stems, you should leave all processing on so the track remains as close to the master as possible, but ideally in such a way that the output level doesn't clip upon summing the stems. Mixers and editors should generally be able to handle adjusting this on their end either way but it's always nice when it comes in already sounding great for them. Definitely do not submit raw or unmixed tracks.


don't read this it just needs to be here for spacing forget you saw it please. please! 


Last month I changed a bunch of Cs to Ks for my Mortal Kombat bit and now I keep finding Ks in my template that I forgot to change back. If you see any Ks where they don't belong, please reply to this email and let me know. If you're the first one to point it out you will win an incredible prize. I will not tell you what the prize is and I reserve the right to lie to you and say you were actually the second person thereby avoiding having to give out any prizes. This is what is known as "fine print."


Happy Scoring everybody!



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