Who is in charge of the distribution of holidays? We just clump all the big ones together at the beginning of winter and then it's just cold and boring after that until July. I just sent my SPOOKtacular BOO!sletter out and I already have to choose between Thanksgiving and whatever flavor of winter holiday you like best for this one. Well I'm not doing it. This month's theme is going to be my favorite trains, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop me. 


So all aboard Newsletter Express #34! We've got all the amenities to make this a safe and pleasant journey, including News, Recent Work, Trends/References and finally the Q&A! Nobody look at the calendar, this train is ON TIME, it is very much not 4 days late, it is a train and it is running punctually!





This month I have the pleasure of introducing you all to a new member of the crew, Julian Wettlin! Julian was a music producer at an ad agency in Detroit and brings his agency-side perspective to our ever-expanding team. He had this to say about coming aboard -


"I am beyond excited to be joining the team at Score A Score from the Detroit base. I’m looking forward to working closer with musicians and composers across the nation, as well as tapping into the stream of rich musical talent in my own backyard. The possibilities are limitless, and I can’t wait to get started."


You can read more about SAS's recent hires here (you'll have to scroll some, just search for "sas.")



Recent Work

This trailer for legal drama, The Mauritanian, features a tense, sound-design cue from JNUARY (AKA Jeremy Bullock) off of SAS's space-themed SFX album, Signature Series 2: S P A C E. 


This fun and magical holiday spot for ServiceNow features a wondrous score by an incredible group of composers: Roland Bingaman, Daniel Ciurlizza and Thor Bremer. The trio really brought the script to life and placed the spot firmly within that classic Christmas tradition. 






The Kills - Future Starts Now - This laid-back, lo-fi, garage-rock track from English-American duo The Kills has a confident strut and effortless swagger to it that makes anything on screen look instantly, unquestionably cool. If you choose to include some vocals, please also send an instrumental.





Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#34 Not Flowers"


Jungle - Time -  We featured Jungle in #31 with their track Smile, but Time is a much more chilled-out, groovy sort of track with a steady pace, a simple vocal hook, and some retro, analog synths that keep your attention even as the beat begins to wash over you. It's got a soothing, dreamy quality to it without lacking focus, and remains infectious and catchy despite its ability to sort of fade to the background.


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#34 JST"


Run The Jewels - a few words for the firing squad (instrumental) - This unique, pulsing, modern track features very little percussion and no true beat, making it a bit of an anomaly in hip-hop even before you get to the avant-garde sax solo. Nevertheless, the track feels empowering and its ascending chords give it a sense of urgency.


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#34 Jog Again?"


Sight of Wonders - A New Day is Born - This plucky, upbeat track is built around a percolating pitched percussion melody supported by pleasant acoustic guitars, soothing woodwinds, and a bed of hand percussion and shakers. It's charming, inviting, lively and optimistic.




Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#34 More Plonky"




Choo-Choo & A

"What happens if I submit a track but you don't feel it's a good fit?"


We strive to only accept material that we believe in and that we feel has a reasonably good chance of getting placed. If you've been accepted to the roster and are receiving this newsletter, we're already fans of your music and it's extremely likely the bulk of your submissions are going to be high quality and fit in well on our catalog. That being said, everyone makes a stinker every once in a while, and if we receive a track that we don't think we can work with we will let you know immediately and return it to you.


What this means is that unless you specifically hear otherwise, your submission has been accepted, ingested, tagged up and is ready to be put in front of our clients!


"Is this the newsletter for November or December? You know it's the 4th, right?"


Oh, you again. Asking questions you can't have asked without first receiving the newsletter that contains the very question you're asking! Creating paradoxes impossible to unravel that threaten the very fabric of the universe just so you can call me out?! Well, if you must know, the combination of the holiday and our annual retreat (this year held virtually), delayed November's newsletter until today. We'll see what I do about December, but I'm shooting for a year-end wrap up later this month. If not, we'll do two in January. Have I ever let you down before?!



Alright I really wasn't able to lean into the train thing as much I wanted and I think maybe that has to do with the fact that I don't know anything about trains. They're long, they're fast, I'm pretty sure they can't get sick umm... Do they have wheels? Oh! There's a track, I know that. No idea if they can stop. 


Are any of y'all train folks? Like train weirdos? I'm looking for someone that'll say something like "oh wow, that's a beautiful BFS-14 Multirail! Those babies were the first to handle a 4 degree incline back in 1984 - you don't see many of 'em around anymore! And it's in perfect condition, wow, would you look at that detailing?!" 


Happy Scoring everybody!



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