Summer is officially over and I can already tell I won't remember a single thing that happened despite it clearly being a summer we'll never forget for the rest of our lives. Pretty sure I used one tank of gas all summer. And not because I was walking a lot, either! I don't walk, I pace. I "get my steps in" just anxiously shuffling around my home, wearing down a path in the carpeting. It's fine, not every summer can be as fun as Bryan Adams' Summer of '69. Wait a minute, when were the Manson murders, again? Anyway, time to newsletter.


This is #31, you guys know the deal: News, Recent Work, Trends, Qs, As, whatnot.




Hoooo boy, five years running!


"Celebrating our 5th consecutive year on the Inc. 5000 list, during our 10th year of business! This milestone is all thanks to the greatest team, composers, collaborators and clients. We are so proud to do what we love, and have endless gratitude for everyone who continues to help on our mission to continue growing and making a positive impact on our industry. Thank you!"


I didn't write that and to be honest I don't know who did. Sure, I could ask, It'd be really easy to ask, but I've got a newsletter to write, folks, I can't be "asking" for "sources" to give proper "credit." That stuff is for journalists (sometimes), not a newsletterman like myself. Bottom line is that I couldn't say it better so I didn't try. Thank you!



Recent Work

This heart-breaking trailer for the upcoming (tomorrow!) documentary about Robin Williams' last days and his struggle with Lewy Body Dementia features a percolating, emotional cue by SAS composer Matt Abeysekera off of our Trailer Mixtape #9. 


Whole Foods came to us looking for an upbeat, percussive, jazzy tune that felt fun and exciting. We worked with SAS composer Paul Thornley who put together this snappy track and Whole Foods has gone on to use it in many spots like this one throughout 2020!





Rob Simonsen - Susanna Investigates - This charming little piece of score from the Way Way Back soundtrack combines elements of folk, indie-rock, and modern orchestral music to create a driving, playful track that manages to strike the delicate balance between heartfelt and quirky. Resist the urge to go too far in any one direction, this track is all about restraint and shouldn't come across as overly folksy, overly emotional, or overly cute. 


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#31 Two Way St."

Jungle - Smile -  An anthemic, soulful track from British music collective, Jungle, this track features walls of layered vocal harmonies, a catchy, rhythmic beat, and a muted, laid-back guitar line that adds swagger and a touch of retro cool. Consider using vocalese to make sure the track still works well without lyrics!




Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#31 Welcome"

Duckwrth - Start a Riot - This aggressive, brassy hip-hop track from the Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse soundtrack is a surefire way to inject energy and swagger into any spot or trailer. The exciting pauses and drop-outs are a gift to editors looking to chop the track up to fit their needs. Another one in the same vein we got recently is Jaden Smith - Goku, Two for one!


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#31 Quack Quack"

These two spots feature chaotic, erratic drum performances intricately tied to the picture that amplify the pace and intensity of their respective commercials. We've sent references for drum solos in the past, but nothing quite this capricious and exciting. Don't limit yourself to jazz, and feel free to blend in unique sound design as well!



Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#31 Too Many"





"What are your typical office hours?"


Okay, okay, this is a pretty simple one but seems like it would be helpful for you folks to know when we can be easily reached. Since we have offices on both the East and West coasts and we stagger our hours, on a typical weekday it's very likely someone is available and manning the ol' inbox from 7AM - 6:30 PM PST. 


That being said, we never want to miss an opportunity to place your music so we do our best to be available for urgent client requests and necessary quick feedback almost anytime, and this sometimes includes weekends. For anything non-urgent, though, you can expect to hear from us during our usual operating hours.


"Why do you wait until the last possible moment to write this newsletter? It's literally the last day of the month." 


Oh look at you with your big, bad calendar! The last day of the month is still within the month and that's why I'm the best in the biz babyyy! (Don't look at the date on Newsletter #29, please.)



Alright, at some point during the writing of this newsletter I looked up the Manson murders and you're not gonna believe it but they happened in August of 1969 so I don't know what the hell Bryan Adams was talking about. Hold on, let me look that up... 


...Oh. Oh I see now.


Happy Scoring everybody!



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