As many of you know, I took a vacation last week to drive into the mountains with my wife and my cat. When I returned, I had hundreds and hundreds of emails from folks who were confused, angry, disappointed and scared about the missing July newsletter. But sometimes July newsletters have to come in August! The universe is an imperfect place! Have you ever heard of leap years? Why didn't we just make days a little longer? Trick question! That would never work, days are based on rotation, years are based on orbit. Holy cow, Sosigenes really knew how to freakin' whip up a calendar, y'know? 


Anyway, I think it was the great Sosigenes that once said "sometimes newsletters have to come in August," and it's in his honor that I bring to you the slightly belated Newsletter #42, with all trimmings: News, Recent Work, Trends/References and Q&A.






Last month saw the release of Golden: The Journey of USA's Elite Gymnasts, a docu-series that premiered on the Peacock streaming service. Not only did the SAS Supervision Team music supervise this incredible behind the scenes look at the competition for a spot on Team USA, but the score was composed by SAS composer duo Daniel Ciurlizza and Roland Bingaman. 


Among the athletes showcased in the series is none other than recent Olympic gold medal winner Sunisa Lee, so there's no better time to check it out!



Recent Work


Speaking of the Olympics, this official Olympics spot features an emotional and inspiring cue from Dan Rosen as it chronicles 100 years of unforgettable moments through the eyes of the oldest living Olympic Champion.



An incredibly patriotic track by Joshua Johnson, aptly named "Stars and Stripes," was the perfect pairing to announce Pabst Blue Ribbon's 1776 Pack, a case of beer so big that you'll need to buy an American-made pickup to take it home. 






John Wizards - iYongwe - This funky, quirky, eclectic track from South African band, John Wizards, pulls from a wide variety of genres and decades to create something unique and timeless. It's playful, catchy and upbeat with a blend of analog synths, vocal samples, funk-inspired guitar and drums and fun auxiliary percussion. 




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Remi Wolf - Hello Hello Hello - Another quirky, feel-good track here, this one has a bit of a bossa-nova influence which gives it a breezy, laid-back feel that really complements the confident, lively vocal performance. The groove is catchy, the melody is memorable and the production feels care-free and fun with some unique instrumentation and sound design sweetening. 


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The Weeknd - Blinding Lights - As one of the most popular tracks of 2020, you've certainly heard this song and likely seen a few friends, acquaintances or internet strangers dancing to it at the start of the pandemic. Pulling from a very 80s palette, this song features all the classic sounds of that decade and is built on a wall of analog synths and a steady drum machine beat. It's upbeat but with a hint of darkness - fun to dance to but with a slightly foreboding atmosphere to it.   


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M83 - Un Noveau Soleil - This building, cinematic, hybrid blend of orchestral and electronic elements was actually written for a scandalous french film directed by the band's founder's brother.  The track begins with a simple bed of strings and pads but soon grows to include driving synth arpeggios, symphonic and electronic percussion, and haunting, angelic vocals, all working together to hit the emotional peak at the song's climax. 



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Q & A

"Can I work with a co-writer who is not currently on the SAS roster?"


Absolutely! To submit a track with a collaborator, we'll need to first get them signed on as a co-writer. The process is simple, just make the introduction and we'll send over our standard agreement for them to sign. This ensures that they are aware of the terms of our deal before submitting. Once they're in our system, all future collaborative submissions just require a simple confirmation email from all co-writers on each track. 


Being a co-writer is similar to being on the roster and the deal terms are the same as your deal, however co-writers do not receive briefs, newsletters, or custom opportunities directly from SAS. We can help facilitate payment if desired by both parties, or we can direct all payments to you to distribute provided all parties agree to that arrangement. 

don't read this it just needs to be here for spacing forget you saw it please. please! 


Normally down here I'd do some sort of call back to the intro and we'd have one final giggle about something silly I talked about earlier but to be honest, I think I squeezed all the juice I possibly could have out of the Leap Year premise. Like what more do you want me to say about Leap Years? I guess one last thing I'll say is that if we did try to even slightly extend the "second" to lose the need for a leap years, the very fabric of society would completely break down as basically every single SI unit we use to measure and make sense of our world is based on the current definition of the second


Happy Scoring everybody!



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