I simply cannot let 2020 be the year with only 11 newsletters, this year has already taken too much from us! Last year around this time everyone was making resolutions about going to the gym, spending more time with grandma, and finally taking that big trip - all seemingly attainable goals that largely went unaccomplished. This year let's lower the bar a bit. In 2021, I plan to stare deeply and intently into several different screens of varying sizes for completely random intervals of time while an advanced AI delivers hyper-distilled chaos directly to my brain through my eyes and ears exclusively. No tasting, no smelling, no feeling.This seems doable to me. It seems like a box I'll have no trouble checking. 2021 is gonna be my year!


But before I can begin, I need to deliver some chaos to your brains! Let the distillation process begin here for #35 featuring News, Recent Work, Trends/References and a good old-fashioned Q&A. 





If you'll allow me to get sincere for just a moment, 2020 was obviously, by just about every measure, a bad year. That being said, your resilience and continued creativity in the face of adversity was inspirational to all of us here at SAS, and your work was a constant reminder that art and beauty can still thrive during challenging times. We are so grateful to get to work with you all and are looking forward to continuing to grow SAS in 2021, finding more and better opportunities to pair your music with inspiring projects. Thanks so much for sticking it out with us through all the unpleasantness of 2020, and please have a safe and happy holiday season. Here's to a brand new year!



Recent Work

This powerful, emotional spot for Wonder Woman 1984 features a soaring, elegant cue by Brian Pharai, written for #13 in Score a Score's Trailer Mixtape series.


The boys in AGM3 (Andrew Greacen and Max McKee) put this cool and quirky track on their album Mon Amour and Quicken had them revise and tailor it to fit this humorous spot for their Rocket Mortgage campaign. I think the joke is that they heard there is "money in their home" so they break the walls and then they find "Monkey?" Is that the joke? 






AJR - BANG! - This brassy, celebratory track was recently featured in this Apple spot and has been getting a lot of spins on TikTok. That trendy enough for ya'? It's fun, modern and catchy with attitude and a confident, energetic beat. Vocals are playful, exciting and youthful, but the track obviously works well as an instrumental as well. 



Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#35 CAPITAL!"


Black Eyed Peas, Shakira - Girl Like Me - This energetic latin-pop track features a relatively sparse and simple instrumental bed with a repeated catchy melody and an evolving, rhythmic bass-line. It feels intriguing and subdued with an infectious rhythm and driving percussion. 




Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#35 No Fergie"


Bibio - À Tout à L'heure - This eclectic blend of analog synths and organic folk elements features intricate guitar performances built on a steady, foundational beat that keeps it feeling effortless. Funky, tape-y bass and ambient electronics help to define the track's unique, timeless vibe - both vintage and modern. 


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#35 Accents"


Zoe Keating - Sun Will Set - A minimal, raw, organic track that leans into imperfection, finding beauty in the uglier tones of the celli from which it's built. Contemplative, honest, and elegant, the piece has a steady, repeated, metronomic pattern that feels hypnotic even as it grows, builds and evolves throughout its runtime.


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#35 Celli"




Q & A

"Do I really have to have explicit rights to use ALL the pieces of a track in order to submit it?"


Yes. All of it. Even if you heard somewhere that you can use a couple seconds of another song as a sample or a loop and that's fine - you heard wrong! All sounds within a submission really and truly need to be either completely created by you or be a pre-cleared sample that you have explicit rights to use in that way. No exceptions! If you're curious whether or not a sample is clear to use, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll help get to the bottom of it.


"What does everyone at SAS want for Christmas?"


Okay this is a great question, but unfortunately it's so late in the day here that some of us have already headed out to begin our holiday break. Let me take a quick poll of the ones burning the midnight (5pm EST) newslettering oil with me.


Julian: "I want Santa to bring me a Fantasy Football Championship. Bring me the glory!"

Jess: "An album of nu-metal trailer covers."

Max: "That monkey from the Rocket Can 'Holes' ad" (see above)

Marisa: "A pillow with nic cage's face on it and a SAD lamp" (unrelated)

Ben: "A mint-in-the-box 1934 Lionel Standard Gauge Set with a 400E engine and State Passenger Cars"

Jake: "Meg got me slippers but they don't fit"




And with that, I close my mid-sized screen to shift my gaze towards the ever alluring Small and Large Screen Duet. Later on I'll take my small screen and the two of us will move to the medium-large screen where I'll bask in its blue glow until I slip into a restful slumber. When I awake, it's time for small screen again, or perhaps some time with medium-small screen. And if at any point I happen to need my eyes for something non-screen-related, don't you worry, I'll just jam some speakers into my ears and keep the content flowing. 2021, baby, I'm on my way!


Happy Scoring everybody!



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