After twenty-seven issues I've finally decided the time is right to shine a spotlight on the unsung hero of the Score a Score Composer Newsletter: Marchese Taylor. You know her as one of SAS's senior creative managers but did you also know she is the editor-in-chief of this fine newslettering institution? 


That's right! I don't actually do any editing when I write, whatsoever. The backspace key broke on my laptop four years ago and I've never replaced it. I just fire these bad boys off stream of consciousness like a newslettering William Faulkner and it's up to Caze to whip 'em into the presentable shape you see before you today. Caze, you've got your work cut out for you this time - 'cause there's no stopping the newsletter train!




This month Score a Score turned ten years old. To celebrate, we put together this video showcasing some of our favorite projects from the past decade (featuring music by Jeremy Bullock). Jordan had this to say: 


"Ten incredible years. We are especially grateful during these crazy times to take this moment to celebrate the support system that brought us to this day. Hundreds of brilliant musical partners. Thousands of clients. Countless projects. We're so proud and so humbled to have created with so many great collaborators for an entire decade!"


We truly couldn't have made it this far without you guys, our roster of incredibly talented composers. Here's to the next ten, and beyond!



Recent Work

This trailer for Lionsgate's  Think Like a Dog features cues from two SAS composers: Brennan Aerts (with a track off of our trailer mixtape #4) and Joshua Williams. Comedy trailers definitely take a different approach to music than action, drama or horror films so it's always nice to work on a spot like this with so many distinct musical needs.


This moving spot for Cox Communications is all about the power of a simple phone call in these challenging times and features a beautiful orchestral piece by SAS composer Matt Abeysekera - a powerful track for an important message.





MGHTY - Your Turn - This brassy, sassy track from MGHTY features a gritty rock bass line and playful horns over a driving electronic beat. It's upbeat, fun and energetic with a confident swagger and plenty of exciting ear-candy. 





Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#28 My T(urn)"

I Smile Back (Trailer) - Sparse and elegant, the cue featured in this trailer is driven by piano ostinatos over a simple string bed. The piano provides a beautiful, pristine, almost dreamlike quality that builds in complexity while the strings reveal a tension and suspense beneath - a perfect fit for the film's subject matter. 


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#28 Silver Grin"

Refs - Bones - Recently featured in this Apple video, this track features driving synthesizers and dreamy pads that give the track a futuristic and stylish feel. It's sleek and laidback with a confident beat - effortlessly cool. As always, if your track has vocals, send along an instrumental as well!






Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#28 Reference"

Ratatat - Cream on Chrome - Another track with a real strut to it but this one is a little grittier, a little funkier than the others. Everything is a bit less in-your-face here, even the soaring guitar solos feel nicely baked into the track for a more understated, chilled-out approach without giving up the confidence, swagger, and driving beat. All this is dressed up with some electronic electronic flourishes and production techniques to feel modern and engaging. 


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#28 Rats"





"Can I pitch the music I upload with you to potential clients and tell them to contact you for licensing?"


As the exclusive reps for the material, it's important to get in touch with us before pitching any such tracks to your clients in order to avoid exclusivity issues and other conflicts. We'll be able to check the license history and recent pitch history of those tracks for any red flags and be able to advise you on the best strategic approach. 


Often there is a benefit to looping us in directly with the client early on during the pitching stage so we can assist with a clean presentation and delivery on top of handling negotiations and papering the deal. In those instances, we are of course happy to limit pulls to include only tracks from your catalog and to keep you in the loop throughout the process. If you'd instead prefer to run communication through you during that pitch stage we can also help by providing shareable playlist links and guidance behind the scenes. 


Just let us know beforehand and we'll work with you to make sure everything goes as smoothly with your client as possible.



Caze, how'd I do? And don't tell me you just fixed a few typos, 'cause I don't typo. Any and all errors you see before you are a direct result of my poor grasp on the English language. If you see that I've typed "ocmposer newsleter" it's because in that moment I genuinely believed that was the correct spelling. Honestly I can barely read.


Happy Scoring everybody!



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