As a card carrying member of the mainstream media, I've been getting a lot of flack lately for contributing to what my opponents call "Fake Newslettering." They put forth wild conspiracy theories like "nobody is actually asking those Qs," "that song can't be trending, it was released in 2008," and "Caze isn't real." Well I'm here to put an end to all of that nonsense. I can assure you that every single, solitary thing I say in this newsletter is 100% the truth and 100% accurate. Caze is real! As real as the earth is flat!


For #32, we're keeping it real. Real News, Real Recent Work, Real Trends, and very Real As to some very Real Qs (not that Q). 



Real News

This month we're thrilled to introduce you to the latest member of the SAS creative team: Francesca Harding. Fran's been a radio host, a DJ, a producer, a music coordinator at a trailer house and now joins us as a creative manager! She had this to say about joining the team - 


"I'm so happy to have joined such an innovative, forward-thinking company. The entire team is brilliant and some of my favorite composers are signed to the Score A Score roster. I'm looking forward to a super productive year alongside the best team in town."



Real Recent Work

This trailer for Ratched, a new Netflix prequel series that tells the origin story of the villainous Nurse Mildred Ratched from the acclaimed 1975 film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, features a tense opening cue from composer Daniel Ciurlizza - originally composed for SAS Mixtape 17!


Continuing our collaboration with TikTok, this spot features a modern, unique, and exciting track from composer Jonathan Paulsen!




Real Trends/References


The Polyphonic Spree - Hold Me Now - This fun, upbeat, art-pop/indie-rock track is about as sunny and feel-good as songs get, combining traditional rock instrumentation with lush orchestral beds and chanty gang vocals. This vocal style lends itself well to vocalese as well, but if you're thinking lyrics, make sure to keep them as positive and optimistic as the music.




Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#32 Mononym"


Nicholas Britell - Agape -  This beautiful, emotional cue feels heart-warming, moving and romantic without slipping into cheesy, sad, or melodramatic. The arrangement is heavy on piano and brass but the bed of strings and woodwinds give it a solid foundation to build smoothly and subtly without ever going over the top. The repeated piano motif also provides some structure to the more improvisational sweeteners.


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#32 Jessica Road"


Neil Frances - Music Sounds Better When You - This funky, laidback track has a steady beat and bass-line, chilled-out, layered vocals, vintage keys and bright, punchy guitar stabs. This is a summer-y tune that's currently trending thanks to a viral bump from platforms like TikTok. As always, please send instrumentals in addition to any tracks with vocals.





Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#32 Bent Knees"


Edith Piaf - Non, Je ne regrette rien - This vintage, cabaret-inspired song from French singer-songwriter Edith Piaf captures all the grandeur and scale of musical theater with bombastic brass and strings, playful but powerful vocals and a dynamic structure that moves from intimate to triumphant and back again. It probably helps that most Americans don't know what is being said, which allows for a more natural delivery than vocalese while still avoiding an obvious message.


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#32 Je M'apelle Ben"




Real Qs & Real As

"How long do these Trends/References playlists stay active?"


Forever. We are always happy to receive material based on any prior track from the Trends/References section of this newsletter, and you can view all prior newsletters at


Now obviously the further back in time you go, the lower the chances of a reference still "trending," but given the cyclical nature of these things it's very possible and/or likely that it will one day be trending again. Use your judgment to determine which references might be more "timeless" than others. If it was a number one song at the time it was posted, it probably has a shorter shelf life than a track from 1975 that still hasn't gone away. 


That being said, we never shut any of these playlist links down and always love to receive new material - so keep it coming!


"Have you ever considered that the newsletter is never on time for composers in Europe?"


Have you ever considered using the fact that you're in the future to warn me about some upcoming illness or hardship? Every time I hit send on this thing, 7 hours later I have food poisoning and yet NONE of you European composers give me the heads up! What's the point of living in Europe/the future if you can't stop me from eating old week-old, gas station sushi dipped in old, raw milk?





Happy Scoring everybody!



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