2021 has officially begun! I'm hoping this is more of a reboot than a sequel. Treat 2020 like that one Hulk movie with the guy from Fight Club - just throw the whole thing out and start fresh with the guy from 13 Going on 30.  Now, technically that would make this newsletter #24 but if there's one thing from 2020 that we absolutely cannot afford to lose it's the twelve SAS Composer Newsletters that brought us here today to #36. So we'll keep those, but that's it! Everything else must go! Wait, was there a different Hulk movie they threw out? The one with the guy from Troy? Eh, you know what, I'm not looking it up.


This is officially #36, the first of the brand new year, and it's got all the sections you've come to know and love: News, Recent Work, Trends/References and of course that old chestnut, the Q&A.





Score a Score is officially on TikTok! As many of you know, we've been helping to supply TikTok users with music for some time but only recently decided to get in on the fun ourselves after an SAS track by Danilo Stankovic called "Pieces" went certifiably viral with over a billion plays. If you've spent any time on the platform, it's likely that you've encountered this song as it's been used in almost 300,000 unique videos. 


You can follow us by searching for username @scoreascore.com on the app. 



Recent Work


This trailer for Bliss, a mind-bending drama film from Amazon Studios, features an elegant and modern cue from one of SAS's most enigmatic composers, Captain Plantain. 



Canoo, an electric vehicle manufacturer, needed an epic, electronic score to showcase their products designed for businesses and the aptly named track "Tech Launch" by SAS composer, Aaron Salomon, proved to be the perfect backdrop.






Santigold - Shove It - This fun and eclectic track off of Santigold's critically acclaimed debut album takes classic reggae and dub influences and updates them with more modern percussion and production. The laid-back vocal performance feels effortlessly catchy and brass gives it a vintage nod that helps the track feel timeless even 12 years after its release.



Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#36 Silver Claws"


The Neighborhood - Sweater Weather - This is another track experiencing a second-wave of popularity due to TikTok and with advertisers doing their best to keep their finger on the pulse of Gen Z, it's no surprise that our inboxes have reflected the current resurgence. It's a sparsely arranged, laid-back indie-rock song with a bit of a dream-like, hypnotic feel to it. 


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#36 Winter"


Antonio Vivaldi - Storm - A true classic, this intense and driving orchestral piece from Vivaldi's Four Seasons is still a great reference for bringing an energetic and exciting string arrangement to life, adding drama, passion and elegance without feeling stuffy. Since the composition is in the public domain, covers are welcome but using it as inspiration for originals is even better!


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#36 Thunder"


Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now - This super fun, funky and catchy track from Dua Lipa seems to be signaling a return of upbeat, disco-influenced tracks after the recent wave of more down-tempo, introspective music that dominated the mainstream. The bass is clearly the star player here, even occasionally out-shining the lead vocal, so make it pop both in the performance and production.


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Q & A

"When you send a search out, are you looking for brand new tracks or should I resend previously submitted material?"


Brand new tracks are always preferred but depending on the type of search we are certainly open to suggestions about pre-existing material from your catalog with us. For searches that are sent out as part of a specific project with a specific client, you can recommend tracks that we already have on hand by simply responding to the brief email; we will always review your suggestions for inclusion in our pitch. 


However, in the case of a more general search where we're seeking to expand our catalog to pre-empt client requests, we'd prefer to only receive brand new submitted material. Submitting duplicates can cause confusion in our system, so if you're unsure if you've already submitted a particular track to us, it's best to check in so we can let you know. 


"What are your plans to address the feedback you received from the 2021 Composer Survey?"


We received a ton of great feedback from you all and we're really excited about implementing a few of your suggestions for this new year. You can read more about it here, but the short answer is that we'll be sending out more briefs and finding more ways to keep the communication between us flowing, meaning more feedback and more collaboration. 





Alright I looked up that Hulk movie and it turns out it was, in fact, the guy from Troy's Hulk movie that they threw away. Fight Club guy's movie is still in, they just threw him out personally. I haven't seen any of these movies.


Happy Scoring everybody!



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