Look I don't really know exactly what we're doing with this "Oldsletter" bit either but Max really wanted to do it and I couldn't figure out how to tell him "no." Could you all maybe just let him know you think it's really funny and definitely makes sense and isn't too weird? Next month I'll get us back on track, I promise, but for now we've kind of got to see this thing through. 


So I guess this is Oldsletter #41... all of your favorite sections are here like umm...  Olds, I guess? And then just Recent Work, Trends/References, and Q&A like always. 



Olds (???)


This month Score a Score launched Homesick Sounds: a fun, new tool in collaboration with sound designer, Hansdale Hsu, which simulates all the wonderful sounds that many of our clients have come to know and love while working from home. I know many of you work in nicely isolated studios, so it may not hit quite as close to home but if the recent bit of unpleasantness necessitated a shift to a less-than-ideal home studio, this will serve as a collection of sounds you struggled to remove from your mixes. 


It was a blast to put together and we were very excited that publications like Adweek, Variety, and The NY Times took notice!



Recent Work


This teaser for Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain features a beautiful cue by Chris Burrink off of Trailer Mixtape Vol. 13.  



Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary is fast approaching and to celebrate, we teamed up with composer Jacob Yoffee to create this brand new, original arrangement of "A Whole New World." 






Tame Impala - Remember Me - It's raw, it's energetic, it's powerful; it does everything wrong in all the right ways. This track is blown out and driven by a ton of interlocking parts, but it all comes together cohesively to capture the soul of a modern classic rock track. There are layers of distorted guitars, drum fills left and right, and killer locked-in riffs. They build the energetic atmosphere you'd get at a live show, or yelling over the speakers of your favorite dive bar. 



Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#41 Untamed"


Robert Henry - The Westerlies - This cue is powerful not because of huge and overwhelming orchestration, but from a beautifully minimal arrangement. It's always moving between voices and building off of motifs, with a steady pulse you can't lose. This makes it easy for editors to cut a lot of scenes into one spot, with the feeling of growth and momentum underneath. It's human and vulnerable, which is a great fit for touching ads. 



Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#41 Robert"


Ursine Vulpine - Renzokuken - This haunting trailer cue is epic and heroic, without ever skewing cheesy. From the very start it sets a brooding atmosphere and only builds from there with tense strings, massive percussion, and plenty of interesting sound design. Tracks in this vein are perfect for a range of genres, from modern superhero to dark fantasy, and always helpful to have on hand! 


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#41 Final Fantasy"


Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love - In all its funky 80s glory, this track just feels right. Layered with fat bass, tight horn lines, plucked guitar, and great hits, it's hard to not want to move to this tune. Tracks like this bring a feel-good energy to any spot they're dropped into, drawing from nostalgia for groovier times. Of course, a track in this style with modern elements would be cool too!


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#41 Real Love"




Q & A

"Can I submit cover songs?"


Absolutely! It's not uncommon for us to get requests for covers of well-known songs so it can be a good idea to stock us up with a few that you think our clients' would dig. There are, however, a few things to consider:


1. Copyrighted Material vs. Public Domain - When a client licenses a cover from us, they also have to separately license the composition from the original publisher. For very well-known, popular songs this can be quite costly and may limit the opportunities some. To avoid this, you could cover a song in the public domain, which means the intellectual property rights have expired on the composition and is therefore available at no cost. Obviously this limits the pool of songs to pull from, and since these songs tend to be very old they may not be as in demand. If you have questions about whether or not a song is in the public domain, feel free to ask us and we can look into it for you!


2. Labeling Cover Songs - Since a cover includes material that is not original to you, it's very important to label it appropriately when submitting. Surprisingly, we at SAS may not individually and collectively know every single piece of music in existence, so if a track is not labeled we may assume it's one of your original songs. To avoid this, add "(Cover)" at the end of the track title and be sure to include the original song title and artist either somewhere in the metadata or in the submission note. If you want to be sure we saw it you can always send a follow up email as well.


3. Selecting the Right Song - We've talked a bit about how the publishing can impact song selection, but also consider the content of the song itself when choosing which to cover. What's the mood of the song? How recognizable is it? What are the lyrical themes? Your favorite song may not necessarily be a great fit for ads or trailers, so try to imagine how a song could be used and for what. Ads tend to favor upbeat, positive lyrics and nostalgic, classic song covers. Movie trailers, on the other hand, are more open to somber or mysterious lyrics and more contemporary songs reimagined for the scale of a movie theater. 


As always, we are happy to help you choose cover songs and steer you away from ones that may be more trouble than they're worth. 


don't read this it just needs to be here for spacing forget you saw it please. please! 


Phew! Okay, that's done. Listen folks, I really appreciate you humoring Max on this one. He's a good guy, he means well and he does good work so it's really great he got a win here. "Oldsletter." I mean, look, I don't get it but maybe I'm just out of touch. Maybe it's going over my head.


OH! Wait, like "New" vs "Old!" 🤯




Hey all, Max here. It's like Ben forgot I edit this thing after he's done?? I could really write anything I want here, but I guess I'm taking the high road. 


Happy Scoring Everybody!



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