Greetings. Max and Marisa here. We're hijacking the newsletter this month and there's nothing Ben can do about it. 


Listen. We understand he usually makes these fun. Not us. We're here for business. All periods. No exclamation points. We truthfully don't really get how Ben comes up with this intro section, but it always seems to include some obscure facts, doesn't it? Here are some random ones we googled: 


-Many feet bones don't harden until you're an adult.

-Playing dance music can help ward off mosquitoes.

-A Greek-Canadian man invented the "Hawaiian" pizza.

-Pogonophobia is the fear of beards.

-Minnie Mouse's real name is Minerva.


That should do it. Since Ben isn't here. We wanted to discuss a few of his favorite topics. If you can eat it with a spoon, is it soup? No. Is a dresser a machine that turns laundry into clothes? No. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Nope. Glad we sorted that out! 


Oops, I mean. Glad we sorted that out. 


Anyway, I guess we can have a little fun, maybe with some News, Recent Work, Trends/References, and a Q&A of course.






Last month, we saw the release of the brand new The Wonder Years reboot on ABC and Hulu, and with it comes an amazing score by our very own Jacob Yoffee and Roahn Hylton! 


The soundtrack pays tribute to the era of the show with jazz, funk, soul, and R&B influences around ever corner. You can learn more about the music with this Variety article, including an interview with the duo about the process and execution of such a great throwback soundtrack. 



Recent Work

Service Now is always at the forefront of innovation in the tech world, so it's no surprise that it applies to their music choices too. Joni Fuller & Matt Beilis's gripping hybrid cue off of their album Cybernetic Symphony was the perfect balance of cool, smart and unique to backdrop the promotion of Now's platform in this new world of work. 


Dan Rosen's "Gather No Moss" is the perfect melancholy piece to score the trailer to Netflix's The Forgotten Battle. The trembling violins, building swells and  'signature Dan' arpeggios all create a beautiful moving cue to help tell the 1944 war story.






Nina Simone - Sinnerman - Driven by percussion and piano, this classic Nina Simone track is the perfect musical companion to quick cuts and movement. With its chaotic energy, dark undertones, fast BPM, and steady build, the song pulls the listener in from the get-go. Capturing those dynamics while using minimal instrumentation is the key here.


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#44 Sinner"

This Head I Hold - Electric Guest - This modern upbeat groove is guaranteed to get you on your feet and liven up any spot. It is soulful, optimistic, and engaging with layered instrumentation that creates a contagious driving energy. Don't miss the pre-chorus tempo change in this one -- a fun unexpected shift can make these tracks even more compelling.


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#44 Electric"

House of Woodcock - Jonny Greenwood - The holidays are right around the corner, and this ref isn't quite holiday, but it could be! This lush piece from Phantom Thread is magical, sweeping and almost childlike in moments with its flowing piano lines. It nods at the 1950s, adding elements of jazz and those romantic drawn-out strings.

Pacing is vital to capture the dreaminess of this piece...telling us a story through multiple acts.  


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#44 Phantom"

Pass That Dutch - Missy Elliott - It's Missy so you know it's fresh and timeless. Timbaland's beats on "Pass That Dutch" are mesmerizing with the heavy bass line and driving body percussion hypnotizing our ears. Not only is the instrumentation and energy unique -- the track also relays confidence and swagger. There's a reason it was used to soundtrack the Plastics gliding down the hall in Mean Girls



Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#44 Dutch"





"I want to be proactive in my submissions to the catalog, where is the best place to get references for recent trends?"


The best places to find music references to incorporate into your compositions are in the Trend/References section of this newsletter, our weekly creative briefs we send out to the roster in our Disco mailer, and you can always reach out to any team member or email if you would like to request some additional references. 



Our other idea for this newsletter was to set it in 2001. The year we were blessed with Totally Hits 2001. Sugar Ray, Ludacris, Dido, Craig David, Usher, LFO, Outkast and that's just to name a few. It's legendary. Do yourself a favor. Check it out. 


And finally, we've withheld every exclamation point we could in this newsletter so.....


Happy Scoring everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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