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Everything you need to wrap your mind around the totality of the universe is contained within including News, Recent Work, Trends/Refs, As to Qs, spiritual enlightenment and divine clarity. 





This month I'm thrilled to introduce you to the latest additions to the SAS team: Leon Bromell and Katy DiMuzio. Leon is joining our growing music supervision team while Katy will be assisting our creative team. 


Leon had this to say about coming aboard - "I'm so thrilled to be joining such a wonderful team of music creatives and composers. I spent the past almost 5 years pitching music for sync at BMG, and have worked in independent music supervision for several years on and off as well. I can't wait to connect our composers with some great projects!"


And here's Katy! - "Growing up in a musical household with 2 musicians for parents pretty much guaranteed that music would always be at the center of my life. I graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2020 with a degree in Music Business, and have been trying to find my niche in the music industry ever since. I strive to be in a position that allows me to be able to support artists from behind the scenes, and I believe that Score a Score is the perfect fit for that! I’m excited to be able to work with such an amazing team and can’t wait to learn and grow in this role!"



Recent Work

This trailer for the action war drama, Devotion, features an intense custom cue from SAS composer Dan Rosen, which he suitably named Ship of Theseus to commemorate the revision process.


Etsy's chic and calming social spot for their Home and Living section features a beautiful, tranquil track from SAS's Needledrop Collection by the one and only Stoney Creation. 






Tagua Tagua - Peixe Voador

Tagua Tagua - Peixe Voador - This fun and fuzzy track from Brazilian songwriter Tagua Tagua features sleak production, catchy melodies, and a strutting swagger that feels effortless and breezy rather than intense or cocky. The layered and distorted electric lead guitar demands attention at every entrance and the latin rhythms and percussion make the track feel danceable. 




Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#52 Ivory"

Dan the Automator - Full Star

Dan the Automator - Full Star - What begins as an introspective, elegant piece with a subtle, charming quirkiness eventually gives way to a driving, beat-driven track with  bombastic brass and old-school vinyl scratching. The piano plays upbeat, staccato chords throughout, providing the connective tissue that keeps the piece feeling cohesive despite the somewhat jarring (though exciting) midpoint shift. 


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#52 Blank Page"

Benjamin Clementine - Nemesis (The Morning Show Theme Song)

Benjamin Clementine - Nemesis (The Morning Show Theme Song) - This unique, percussive track begins with rhythmic clicking and a brisk waltz played on a soft piano before layering in distinct vocalizations and dramatic strings. The main vocal  is frenetic and exciting, but smooth and in control - a stand out performance to be sure, but I think an instrumental would have just as much utility in our catalog so don't let the vocal dissuade you. 


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#52 Evening"

Escape from the Office

Apple's "Escape from the Office" ad is the third installment of their series that began with 2019's "The Underdogs" that shows our heroes start their own company. These spots feature explorations on the same fun, upbeat, percolating, quirky, eclectic, percussive, modern orcherstral track. It's easy to drop in and out of the spot to punctuate the comedy on screen and has an almost mechanical rhythm to it that sounds like the gears of progress turning.



Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#52 Overcast Typo"





Are there particular styles or genres I should focus on writing for you?


We get this question a lot, especially from new members of the roster, and it makes sense - your time is valuable and you want to use it in the most targeted, effective way. The truth of the matter, though, is that until we're familiar with your particular strengths and styles it can be difficult to provide a specific roadmap to success. Even if you consider yourself a jack of all trades, every artist brings something unique to the various genres they work in and the best thing you can do is take an honest look at your body of work and find what feels most authentic. Fortunately, it's often in the styles that are easiest for you or that you have the most fun working in that resonate most with other creatives. 


That being said, we're not going to leave you all alone on the exploration and that's where our searches and the references in this newsletter come in! We're also always available to review your material and pick out our favorites or help identify your strengths. Another approach is simply watching TV with a critical ear on the music or perusing to see what's happening in advertising. Rather than try to make everything, though, look for things that make you stop and think "I could make that!"  As you lean into your strengths and work on things that feel like a natural fit, you'll also find opportunities to go outside your comfort zone a bit and continue to grow as an artist. 


As I mentioned, we're always here to help you find the sound that will be most effective, but the first questions I always ask are "what do you like to write?" and "what are you best at writing?" Knowing the answers to those questions will make the search much easier. 



Alright I can't fight it anymore, just do your thing, kid. 


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Happy Scoring Everybody!



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