I'd like to begin by apologizing for the newsletter that went out in June of 2022. Unfortunately, the information contained within that June newsletter proved to be too powerful, too potent, too... dangerous. It crossed a line. Sure, I've given incredibly insightful, useful guidance before and been warned I was flying a bit close to the sun, but this was something else. "Forbidden Knowledge" they called it. "They." The powers that be, the gatekeepers, "they" said that anyone who read those words could become a threat to all "they've" built. It was immediately deleted, but not just from the archives, and not simply from everyone's personal email accounts and computers, but from the very memories of those who had read it. You may have been personally affected by this and you wouldn't know it. It's as if... it never existed at all.


So anyway, here is #53 again, featuring totally and completely authorized News, approved Recent Work, sanctioned Trends/Refs,  and official As to permitted Qs. 




The SAS Music Supervision team have been busy little bees and we're so proud to share their two latest projects with you. 


The first is feature film, I Love My Dad, stars Patton Oswalt, James Morosini and Claudia Sulewski with original score by SAS's own Jeremy Bullock. As avid newsletter readers already know, this film debuted at SXSW just a few months ago but as of last Friday, August 5th, you can now go see it at theaters across the country and is now available on demand as of today!


The second project to keep an eye out for is docu-series Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers, which premiers on Hulu on Monday, August 15th, and captures the rise of one of  most celebrated franchises in professional sports. The music in these episodes is as iconic as the team itself so be sure to turn the volume up!



Recent Work

This trailer for Thirteen Lives, the story of the group of young boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooding cave system in Thailand, needed a cue that captured the rising tension and intensity of the harrowing experience depicted in the film. SAS's Trailer Mixtape 23 had the perfect track by Roland Bingaman to make it happen.


This campaign for Citizens Bank features four spots with four tracks by four SAS artists! It's an eclectic mix of styles, moods, and genres from Joey Joseph, GHOSTLAND, AGM3, and Brian Englishman. 






Chapelier Fou - Tea Tea Tea (Ensemb7e Version)

Chapelier Fou - Tea Tea Tea (Ensemb7e Version) - This enigmatic yet curiously positive track by French composer Chapelier Fou adds a fresh, progressive flair to the classic orchestral palette. Its organic instrumentation brings elegance to a raw performance full of character, with great rhythmic movement and pronounced beats perfect for editing to picture.



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Devendra Banhart - Baby

Devendra Banhart - Baby - This breezy, laidback, funky track from freak-folk singer songwriter, Devendra Banhart, is built on a sparse arrangement of twangy, polyrhythmic guitars and simple drums that support a charmingly lackadaisical, half-sung vocal performance. It's playful and danceable, but doesn't demand anything from the listener, content to set a vibe and stay out of the way. 


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Jaden Smith - Way Up

Jaden Smith - Way Up - This driving, anthemic hip-hop track from the middlest Smith was written for the Spiderman: Enter the Spiderverse soundtrack and features auto-tuned vocal samples, electronic percussion and distorted electric guitar giving the track an upbeat, rebellious energy. The triplet rhythm that drives the piece gives it momentum and excitement while the catchy hook makes it memorable and fun.  


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Samuel Karl Bohn - Unlocking the Mind

Samuel Karl Bohn - Unlocking the Mind - This beautiful, contemplative orchestral piece has a dynamic build that steadily transitions through distinct sections before arriving at a climactic finale that stops just short of "epic." A few additional layers could place it in trailer territory, but I think more traditional pieces like this function best within a brand statement spot, where music needs to build and elevate but won't be heard in theaters.


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Where is Score a Score located?


A simple question with a complex answer. As of the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Score a Score has been a completely remote team, though we still consider ourselves a Los Angeles, CA based company. While the largest collection remains in LA, our team is spread far and wide across the country with groups in New England, New York, Northern California, Michigan and Texas. This gives us the flexibility to work with the best folks, regardless of their location, and helps us stay available to our clients no matter what timezone they're in.


Just last week, we got (almost) the whole dang team together for the first time and had so much fun getting to know each other outside of Zoom. Turns out I had no idea how tall anyone was! We ate hibachi, swam in a pool, watched a fire show, escaped a room, and had many laughs. Look at this pic!

Can you share that forbidden knowledge from last month's deleted newsletter? Please?





It won't happen again, I promise.


Happy Scoring Everybody!



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