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Though the platform has changed, the sections are still the same so give this thing a nice scroll and take a look at some news, some recent work, a few trends and/or references and some Qs paired with the appropriate As. 






This month we welcome our new Director of Business Affairs, Mei Luk! Mei is from Queens, NY and has shared many exotic Kit-Kat flavors with us after her recent trip to Japan. I couldn't read the packages but my favorite was Purple and my least favorite was Green. 


Mei had this to say: 


"Greetings! My name is Mei and I am the newest member of the SAS Team! I come from a publishing (EMI) and advertising (McCann) background with about fifteen years in the industry under my belt. I'm thrilled to be working with such a talented roster of composers and of course an amazing team!"


Here's Mei with her favorite cereal. Welcome, Mei!



Recent Work

Based on Donna Tartt's novel by the same name, The Goldfinch is a tense drama set in the aftermath of the bombing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The trailer needed a cue that could highlight and elevate that tension so we turned to David DeRose for an intense, building, ticking track that checked all the boxes. 


Facebook's  spot for their new video chatting display Portal features a relaxing, sentimental, bossa nova-inspired track with french vocals from SAS duo Psyched On Sound (Andrew Greacen and Max McKee). 






Mama Haze - Go Getter - This soulful, percussive track has an infectious, upbeat rhythm and frenetic, catchy vocals that instantly bring a fun energy to picture without feeling too cheery or cute. You can hear it used in this spot for Command Adjustables.



Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#22 Go Get Ma"

Speaking of frenetic, we've been getting requests for fast-paced, quirky,  cartoonish tracks like this one, this classic (check 1:24 if you don't recognize it) or this! These are bit more fleshed out with larger sections than our previous "quirky orchestral" requests a la Wes Anderson.


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#22 Bugs"

Francis and the Lights - Morning - This sentimental, nostalgic track is built around a simple but catchy piano loop blended with modern, engaging production, vocal samples and percussion. It's also the theme song to the latest season of Keeping Up With Kardashians in case you're too dang cool to watch it! 





Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#22 Kards Against Humanity"

Teaser for His Dark Materials Season 1- We've noticed a ton of requests for cues like this that have a strong focus on virtuosic, solo strings. They're equal parts elegant and intense, though the specific tone can range from something in the horror realm to action/fantasy or most period films. You're really going to want to make sure you've either got a great player or a top-shelf sample bank to pull this off though, as that key element is likely  to be fairly exposed.


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#22 Her Light Stuff"





We actually got some great questions this month after our request last month so thank you to all who sent them in! Keep 'em coming y'all!


"If we want to just add to the library is it better to have :30, :60, or longer tracks. What gets called for the most? "


A :60 is good for most uses, but since it's much easier to cut a track down than to extend it, longer tracks can be very handy to have on hand. I can pitch a 2:00 track for a :30 spot most of the time, but I can't pitch a :30 for a 2:00 spot.  The most common lengths are :06, :15, :30, :60, and :90 so if you want to really cover your bases you could submit a full 2-3 minute song with all of those cutdowns. That being said, we'll still probably end up pitching the longer one most of the time since it gives editors more freedom. 


"What would you say is an ideal number of tracks to pitch for a search? A handful, 10, 20, a million?"


When we send out a search, we aren't just looking for new material that fits the brief, we're also asking for you recommendations of tracks we already have in our catalog that might be a good fit. With over 30,000 tracks and growing, it's helpful to have a few extra eyes looking out for the perfect track and nobody knows your catalog better than you. Send us a few suggestions and we can check them out and pick our favorites. 


As for the real meat of that question -- we tend to pitch between 12-20 tracks so sending us 10 suggestions almost guarantees that we won't be able to pitch them all. I'd say the most solid 5 or less would be the way to go. If you have 7 tracks that you really can't decide between that's totally fine, we'll choose our favorites, but 3-5 of the best, closest fitting tracks feels like the sweet spot to me for pre-existing material. If you're making something new, it's usually best to focus on one really good track as opposed to several rushed ones. 



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Happy Scoring everybody!



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