How come nobody told me February only had 28 days? Here I was thinking I had some time before the end of the month but by Monday it'll already be March! Time for a Newsletter Speedrun. For those of you not familiar with speedrunning, it's when someone attempts to beat a video game as fast as possible often utilizing advanced gameplay maneuvers and glitching. 


So this is my world record attempt #37 in the "fastest 100% newsletter including News, Recent Work, Trends/References, Q&A" category. Time me!





Big news this month as I have the pleasure of introducing Jasmine McNeal, assistant extraordinaire and the latest addition to the Score a Score team. Jasmine joins us as the second Michigander in our ranks, and we're thrilled to have her aboard. Jasmine had this to say -


"Hello amazing human beings! I am so excited to join Score a Score, Detroit! I will be assisting our business affairs and sales teams. I look forward to connecting with great, talented people. Much love!"




Recent Work


This trailer for the latest Disney prequel, Cruella, features signature sound design from SAS composer, Joni Fuller, adding key atmospheric tension to the story of Ms. de Vil, known dog killer. 



FX Has The Movies is an iconic and long-running campaign that we've been honored to contribute to over the past couple of years. This year's spot was scored and sung by SAS composer Matt Beilis!






Lord - Green Light - This upbeat, anthemic track features a big sing-along chorus with a catchy pulse and chanty gang vocals. The sleek, modern production is complemented by retro-inspired synthesizers and drum machines as well as energetic piano and vocal performances. 


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Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way - I hadn't heard this song in 20 years but are you guys hearing that riff? Man, that's a cool riff! I honestly think this track is pretty self-explanatory - it's a throwback to a throwback, it's simple and gritty, and Lenny Kravitz is cool.


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Natalie Cole - This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) - A feel-good, soulful R&B track that I think may have possibly been in every single 90s rom-com. It's snappy and catchy and even though it definitely reads a bit cheesy in a lot of contexts today, it still has utility in charming ads looking to elicit a simple smile.  



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Quincy Jones - Soul Bossa Nova (AKA The Austin Powers Theme) - This classic song is equal parts cheesy, elevator bossa-nova muzak and bombastic, brassy, big-band fun. It's light-hearted, playful and charming with a catchy repeated motif and an exciting, dynamic structure. (Insert Austin Powers quote here - it'll be hilarious! DO NOT FORGET!)


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Q & A

"Can I put a submitted album up on my Spotify page?"


For the time being, we allow our artists to upload tracks in our catalog to various streaming services and just ask that if there is any opportunity to direct a listener to for licensing inquiries either in a bio, metadata, album notes, wherever, that they do so. We have recently been exploring ways to better utilize these services so our policy on this may change in the future. The other thing to keep in mind is that should SAS acquire a track as part of a "paid use" per the terms of the Composer Agreement, we would then need to transfer that track to SAS profiles. If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!


"I see in your briefs that you request versions of tracks with no vocals. Is that true of all submissions to SAS?"


Yes, every submitted track with any sort of vocal element, be it humming, "hey!," "ooh" or "ahh," should also have a totally vocal-less counterpart submitted alongside it. Some of our clients are very particular about this and will not accept any track with any vocal sound at all. Stock us up with an alt version free of mouth noises and we'll be ready to pitch!



Oooh, this might be rip run, this might be rip run! I tried a new strat with an OoB warp but RNG wasn't on my side and I barely avoided a soft-lock. May be PB but we'll have to check the clock.


Happy Scoring everybody!



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