Obviously this newsletter needs to be Mortal Kombat themed in some way but I've really been struggling with exaktly how to do that. What would be a way to lightly remind the reader of the greatest interaktive fighting franchise of all time without beating them over the head with it as if it were Shao Khan's warhammer? 


I'll keep thinking on it but for now let's dive into your favorite newsletter sektions: News, Recent Work, Trends/References, and the klassic Q&A. 





This month we're thrilled to introduce you to the latest addition to the Score a Score team. Jamey Sussman is a legend in the trailer world and we couldn't be happier to have her join our ranks and share her perspective, insight and creativity. 


Jamey had this to say about coming aboard -


"Greetings!  I’m Jamey, and I'm the newest SAS hire as Director of Partnerships and Strategy.  I’m beyond thrilled to be working alongside an incredibly talented, fun, and collaborative team while representing a phenomenal brand of top-tier musicians.  I’m excited to be contributing my years of music supervision and trailer sales experience to ensuring your projects cross the finish line with the best and most memorable campaign music.  I'm looking forward to being in touch and working together!"




Recent Work


This trailer for the HBO docuseries The Crime of the Century features a dramatic, tense cue from SAS composer and viral TikTok sensation Danilo Stankovic off of SAS Trailer Mixtape #18. 



Tylenol's spot celebrating mothers on Mother's Day needed a heartwarming, inspiring and emotional score, and this custom track by SAS composer Jessy Ribordy was just what the doctor ordered. 






The track featured in this spot introducing Apple's new line of iMac computers is fun, upbeat and eclectic, with a solid, catchy bass groove serving as the foundation for a constantly evolving set of melodies and textures on the top line. Punchy brass, stylish guitar and chanted vocals all keep the track feeling fresh and exciting throughout, while the slick, modern production keeps everything in balance. 



Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#39 New Pears"


Delta Spirit - The Pressure - The driving beat of this indie rock track from San Diego band Delta Spirit begins with a burst of energy that soon settles you into an almost dream-like trance as the repetition and odd measure count blurs the beginning and ends of phrases. Rather than forcing you to engage directly, the warm production helps the track to sort of wash over you. It feels nostalgic but not vintage - a perfect road trip song.


Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#39 Alpha Ghost"


Peter Gregson - Bach 6.6 Gigue - This beautiful recomposition of Bach's Cello Suite No. 6 is elegant and refined, featuring tones of inspiration, emotion, and build all in one organic piece. Although it features a minimal string instrumentation, vulnerable solo cello phrases are contrasted by lush backing chords to bring a lot of texture. It's a perfect example of using Neo-Classical writing to bring charm and authenticity to any spot it's applied to. 



Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#39 Bach Again"


Justice - Genesis - Starting out with a truly unique intro, this hard-hitting electronic track brings character at every corner. Whether it's the deep slap bass, gritty synths, or array of ear candy. Through all the glitches and interlocking rhythms, there's a firm energized pulse that lets you bob your head (and more importantly, lets editors cut to their hearts' content). 




Submit ideas inspired by this ref HERE with playlist name "#39 Just Ice"




Q & A

"I submitted a few tracks a couple weeks back but I don't see them in your public catalog. Were they accepted?"


Unless you've heard differently from us you can safely assume that your track has been accepted and is going through our standard ingestion process. We generally batch upload new submissions to our SourceAudio catalog on a weekly basis, however, if it was submitted as part of a project or a search that is still ongoing it could take a bit longer until things wrap up.


In the meantime, rest assured that your music is still being pitched as we exclusively pull from our internal catalog. 


"I've received a few different submit links, can you give me a breakdown of what I'm supposed to send where?"


We thought you'd never ask! Yes, there are several different inboxes that we use to collect submissions and each one has a very specific purpose. Sending a submission to the wrong inbox isn't necessarily the end of the world as we generally keep close tabs on all of them and should eventually find and ingest your track, however it can cause delays or cause your track to be looked over if it was submitted for something specific. Below is a full breakdown of our submission inboxes:


Submissions (scoreascore.com/submit) - This should be used whenever you're looking to submit a track that is not in response to a particular search or brief. The playlist title should include your name. 

Search (scoreascore.com/search) - This is the link we send along with briefs, and is only for active searches. Each brief will have its own submission guidelines. If you're responding to a search more than a few hours after the deadline has passed, it might be better to submit the track to the submissions inbox above.

Stems (scoreascore.com/stems) - Use this whenever you're sending stems. Stems should be high-res AIFF or WAV files in a zipped folder by song. So if you're submitting stems for two songs, there should be two zip files in your submission. 

Custom (scoreascore.com/custom) - This inbox is for active custom projects and revisions. Similar to the Search inbox, there will be submissions guidelines within the brief, and if you're submitting multiples rounds of revisions, keep adding v2, v3, etc to the ends of playlist titles.



don't read this it just needs to be here for spacing forget you saw it please. please! 


Dang, I never thought of anything and now the newsletter is kompletely devoid of any inkredible and memorable Mortal Kombat references. No mention of Ashrah, Baraka, Blaze, Bo’ Rai Cho, Cassie Cage, Cetrion, Chameleon, Cyrax, D’Vorah, Daegon, Dairou, Darrius, Drahmin, Ermac, Erron Black, Ferra and Torr, Frost, Fujin, Geras, Goro, Havik, Hotaru, Hsu Hao, Jacqui Briggs, Jade, Jarek, Jax, Johnny Cage, Kabal, Kai, Kano, Kenshi, Khameleon, Kintaro, Kira, Kitana, Kobra, Kollector, Kotal Kahn, Kung Jin, Kung Lao, Li Mei, Liu Kang, Mavado, Meat, Mileena, Mokap, Moloch, Motaro, Nightwolf, Nitara, Noob Szaibot, Onaga, Quan Chi, Raiden, Rain, Reiko, Reptile, Sareena, Scorpion, Sektor, Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Sheeva, Shinnok, Shujinko, Sindel, Skarlet, Smoke, Sonya Blade, Stryker, Sub-Zero, Takeda Takahashi, Tanya, Taven, Tremor, Triborg or even Cole Young! Ugh!


Happy Scoring everybody!



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